Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy Bag Idea: Egg Carton

I recently discovered a wonderful activity for little ones--busy bags (thanks to Unsolicited Advice)! A busy bag is a gallon-sized ziptop bag that contains an (often hand-made) activity that provides a child independent practice with some kind of skill. The busy bag can be pulled out when mom needs a few minutes--like when finishing up dinner prep!

I have made several busy bags and I hope to highlight them here soon. One of the first I put together is an egg carton activity.

  • Supplies: Half an egg carton, markers, and six differently-colored plastic eggs
  • Use the markers to color each section of the egg carton one of the colors of your plastic eggs
  • Allow your child to have fun removing and replacing the eggs from the carton, and matching up the colors if he is able (he'll grow into this part of the activity over time)
  • Place the egg carton and eggs in a ziptop bag for easy storage 

Skills your child will practice:
Isaac (19 months) enjoys playing with the egg carton for 5-10 minutes, but he usually ends up throwing the eggs!

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